Understanding The Process of Dental Implant In Philadelphia

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Dentistry practice and tooth replacement techniques have enjoyed a new boost of life with dental implant in Philadelphia. This involves natural teeth root replacement that makes them resemble your regular ones in every way. One of the many upsides of this technique is that the chances of developing gum diseases in the implanted teeth are slim as these have increased resistance. The major part of tooth is,

Cosmetic Dentistry Philadelphia

  1. Crown
  2. Root

The crown is what we see over gum tissues, the root remains suspended in bone via periodontal ligament fixing the tooth in position. Dental implants in Philadelphia unlike the regular tooth root remain fixed to the jaw. Modern day implants gain significantly due to posse-integration. This means that complete fusion of the implant to the jawbone occurs. Most popular metal used is titanium non-reactive and completely safe for the body.

Posse-integration refers to biochemical bone fusion involving the bone substance and associated living cells to oxide layer forming titanium surface. Whether for single/multiple loss of teeth the dentist may consider the implants. For effective integration, the professionals prefer to use implants in the densest portion of the jawbone. This is typically present in the front portion of lower jaw. Dental implants in Philadelphia are for keeps with proper care they may continue through the lifetime.

Modern day implants are a vast improvement on their previous counterparts with improved characters of the surface. Benefit immensely from nano tech sandblasted, acid etched surfaces. This increases the implant surface area microscopically with significant improvement in the bone attachment as well. Even in case of less dense bone structure, it is possible to achieve fantastic results now.

Implant contact can now benefit from maximum bone availability. This has become possible in the modern day due to different width availability and improved surfaces. Nowadays it is possible to mimic the exact characteristics of tooth in a specific position with dental implant in Philadelphia.  One example can be the back molars that naturally contain multiple roots for sustaining a powerful bite. Even implants today incorporate the same functions for maximum usability.

The design part has undergone improvements as well adding   to the aesthetics part of the implants. They combine high functionality with a perfect appearance ensuring a full value for the money spent on such dental procedures. Connection between implant and crown make teeth appear perfectly natural emerging from gum tissues. Material used resembles that of natural tooth crown imitating natural durability, aesthetics, and functions. The crowns related to the dental implant in Philadelphia remain fixed with screws in the back portions of the teeth to make them invisible. Alternatively, the dentist may even choose to cement over tooth as receptors in regular crowns.

Placement of the implant is a specialized process that involves close collaboration between laboratory technician, dentist, and implant surgeon.  That is why it is important to discuss the details with the surgeon before you undergo the procedure. For more information visit here: Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD


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