Considerations For Onlays And Inlays In Cosmetic Dentistry At Philadelphia

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A number of benefits associated with the onlays and inlays make them a crucial part of cosmetic dentistry in Philadelphia. Understanding the processes a little better will allow you to consider this as a treatment choice when the time comes. Based upon your suitability for the process, the dentist will suggest the methods. Easy to do, it will strengthen the weak teeth and fill the cavities besides performing a host of other beneficial functions. This increases the aesthetic appeal while adding to the functionality element as well. Cosmetic dentistry in Philadelphia will not be the same without this important restoration method.

Protect your tooth especially the weak areas without undertaking complete reshaping. The overall procedure is complete after two visits to dental chambers. This is the average duration but it may vary according to the patient. Preparation of the damaged tooth is the first part of this restoration procedure. The dentist will take molded impression and send it to dental laboratories. Here, the fabrication of onlay or inlays occurs based on the requirements. The dentist may use different material for fabrication such as resin, porcelain, or gold. You can discuss the cost of the procedure and then select the material as each one will have a different price.

The difference here is in the appearance of finished and finally restored tooth. During the initial visit, the dentist may use provisional onlay/inlays as a part of cosmetic dentistry in Philadelphia. These are temporary in nature and in shape of final restoration product. The purpose of such temporary structures is offering protection to the damaged tooth as the fabrication in the laboratory continues. The dentist will discuss with you the type of material that will best suit the purpose.

Gold tends to be one of the most popular options especially when you are not concerned about the aesthetics. This generally occurs in the case of back molars. For use in the smile line regions, everyone prefers porcelain as a part of cosmetic dentistry in Philadelphia. They resemble your natural teeth to the highest degree and as such ideal for restorative purposes. For people with dental problems such as teeth grinding or misaligned bite also known as malocclusion, resin is ideal.

During the second visit, the dentist will remove provisional temporary structure. They will replace it with the onlays/inlays as required. These are highly stable restoration structures. The rates of failure associated with them are minuscule. Dentists ensure smooth fit by checking the related margins. They will also ensure adjacent tight contact. Checking of the bite during the cosmetic dentistry in Philadelphia procedure is important to identify occlusion related issues. Such issues can affect the restoration margins negatively.

After the fitting is complete, the dentist will bond the onlay/inlays to the teeth. After this, they will polish margins. These days the material used for this dentistry procedures resemble your natural teeth perfectly. To read more Click Here


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